Tucano Tetra 圖卡諾火靈燈

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The Tucano Tetra

It's still not a very common find, almost never in stores and rarely on import lists. These tetras stay small ; not reaching much more than an inch in length. The color of the fish is not extreme, but very attractive nonetheless. The sides of the body sport a distinct dark stripe, starting at the gill and tapering off to the caudle peduncle. The upper body and head are bright gold and the belly is white. There is a pinkish blush at the lower gill. Most of the fins are clear, but in some individuals the gold colouration extends through the top lobe of the tail. The were on the pricey end for tetras, but the rareness of the find more than made up for that.

Why we like this fish?
✔️ Micro fish ideal for small habitats.
✔️ Easy to take care.
✔️ Peaceful
✔️ Schooling fish

Scientific name : Tucanoichthys Tucano
Origin : Brazil
Max Length : 15 - 17mm
pH : 4.0 - 6.5
Diet : Omnivore
Temperature : 20 - 28°C


分布在尼格罗河流域上游的 Uaupes 河。特性:性情温顺,喜欢群居,中下层水域活动。对水质要求高,适合酸性软水。极为罕有、非常珍稀,价格昂贵的奢侈品,群游时如火光攒动,美丽非凡,是灯鱼迷眼中的超级梦幻灯鱼。

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