Tiger Barb

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With personalities just as colorful as their scales, tiger barbs are delightful little fish to have in your aquarium. It’s easy to see why they are so popular and well-loved. They come in a variety of color forms, love to play and show off, and like all barb fish, are easy to care for.

Though they have a bit of a reputation as nuisance “fin-nippers”, these fish are not harmful and will do just fine in the right tank.

Care Level:Easy to moderate
Temperament:Playful, but can be aggressive
Color:Varies, but typically silver or gold with four black bands
Lifespan:5-7 years
Size:2-3 inches
Minimum Tank Size:20 gallons
Tank Setup:Fine gravel substrate with rocks at the bottom and submerged vegetation planted along the sides
Compatibility:Often compatible
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