Tetra Guppy 30g/100ml

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TetraGuppy and Tetra GuppyColour serve to meet consumers’ growing  demands for high-quality staple foods for certain species of fish.  Guppies and other live-bearing tooth-carps such as platy, molly and  swordtails are becoming increasingly popular with aquarists.

However,  these tropical fish have very particular dietary requirements, due in  part to their digestive system and also to the fact that live-bearing  fish have specific nutritional needs.The newly developed Tetra GuppyColour consists of orange-coloured mini  flakes, which are characterised primarily by their high content of  natural colour enhancers (carotenoids) that give the fish a beautiful  intense colour.

Modifications have been made to the formula of the well-established  product TetraGuppy. The mini flakes are now especially tasty and more  readily accepted by fish due to their high content of plant ingredients  and added minerals.In addition to this, TetraGuppy contains natural colour enhancers to give the live-bearing fish a wonderful colouring.

Both TetraGuppy and Tetra GuppyColour provide a biologically balanced diet promoting healthy growth and vitality.The specially developed mini flakes make it simpler for the fish to  feed, as they have been adapted to their small mouths and are easily  digested. 

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