Silver Shark // Bala Shark

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he bala shark is a freshwater species of the Cyprinidae family. Bala sharks have gray or silver bodies with long, pointed yellow or gray fins edged with black.

Bala sharks are popular with aquarists due to their shark-like body shapes and striking fin patterns. These peaceful shoaling fish are less aggressive and territorial than actual freshwater sharks.

Scientific name:    Balantiocheilos melanopterus

Common names    Bala shark, silver shark, tricolor shark, tricolor sharkminnow

Distribution:    Southeast Asia

Size:    Up to 14 inches

Life expectancy:    Up to 10 years

Color:    Silver with gray or yellow and black fins

Diet:    Omnivore

Temperament:    Peaceful

Minimum tank size:    120 gallons

Temperature:    72–82°F (22–28°C)

pH:    6.0–8.0

Hardness:    5–12 dGH

Care level:    Easy

Breeding:    Egg-layer

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