RM 170.00

1. It can be used as hang-on or external canister.
    Large filter box, additional with multiple filter materials.
    Separate inlet & outlet design allows water to flow to and return without bypassing filter media for optimized       filtering effect.

2. The body is made of highly durable ABS plastic to prevent it from breaking easily. Sophisticated structure,         complete accessories, easy assembly and maintenance.

3. Special U-type and L-type soft tubes.

4. Using 12/16 mm soft tube to connect device.


  • 1 x Bio-mat
  • 1 x Carbon pack
  • 1 x Bio-Ring pack
  • 2 x rubber hoses
  • All pipes and connectors



  • Power: AC110V (60Hz)
  • Power Consumption: 7W
  • Max Capacity: 360L/H
  • Max lift: 70CM
  • Chamber capacity: 2L
  • Baskets capacity: 1L
  • Aquarium size up to: 20 gallon *Suggested by manufacturer*
  • Dimensions: 207x122x182mm
  • Main material: ABS & PC