Shiruba Canister Filter XB-312

RM 476.00

  • For use in 500 L or less aquariums
  • Max water flow 1240 L/Hr (60Hz) / 1120 L/Hr (50Hz)
  • Max lift 170 cm
  • For use in Φ16/22 mm tube
  • Media volume 1.6 L × 4
  • Adjustable water flow switch
  • Taps with 360° left and right adjustment
  • Press to draw in water
  • Motor overload protection
  • High quality plastic material
  • Designed and made in Taiwan         

  1. Come with large filter box, additional with multiple filter materials.
  2. Separate  inlet & outlet design allows water to flow to and  return without  bypassing filter media for optimized filtering effect.
  3. The body  is made of superior engineering plastic which appears  elegant, firm and  solid. prevent it from breaking easily. Sophisticated  structure,  complete accessories, easy assembly and maintenance.
  4. The vacuum device simplify the installation and operation
  5. Using 16/22 mm soft tube to connect device.
  6. We recommend this filter for aquarium size from 60 to 90 gallons.