Seachem Flourish Tabs 10tabs

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  • Gravel bed supplement for the planted aquarium
  •  Provides micro elements, trace elements and other nutrients
  •  Targets root zone


Flourish Tabs™ are growth stimulating tablets for plant  roots. They contain essential trace elements, amino acids, and vitamins.  They are rich in iron, manganese, magnesium, calcium, potassium,  inositol, choline B12, biotin, and other factors that have  been determined to be beneficial to aquatic plant roots. They contain no  phosphate or nitrate that would promote algae proliferation. Each pack  of ten tablets treats a 12 X 30 inch plant bed twice.

 Perfect for the beginner, Flourish Tabs™ contain all the  nutrients found in Flourish™ in a dry, tabular form. These tabs are  inserted into the gravel, providing direct, time-released fertilization  to the plants’ root zone. Nutrients are slowly made available through  enzymatic action of the plants’ roots on the tabs.



 Insert one Flourish Tab™ in the gravel for every 10–15 cm  (4–6 in.) radius. A standard 10 gallon aquarium requires 6 tabs.  Distribute the tablets evenly throughout the gravel bed. Push each  tablet midway into the gravel bed. Add new tablets once every three to  four months for optimal plant growth. Tabs will not alter pH, but, in  very soft or unbuffered water, they have slightly acidic properties  similar to peat moss.

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