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Aquatic Plant ~ Rotala sp Bangladesh

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Rotala Bangladesh is a new variant of Rotala aquarium stem plants. Its slender and narrow leaves remind us of a slightly larger Rotala Vietnam or Bossi. This is the perfect aquarium for the background of a planted aquarium tank as this aquatic plant is vigorous and will not mind consistent trimming, unlike other Rotala species. The coloration of Rotala Bangladesh will be dependent on the planted aquarium conditions it is grown in and this aquatic plant does require higher amounts of lighting with no shading and CO2 to thrive. If provided with the right conditions, this aquarium plant will grow eye-catching leaves that vary in light green and light reddish tones. The propagation of this aquatic stem plant is simple, just trim off the tops along the stem and replant.

Overall, Rotala Bangladesh is fast-growing and easy to care for. It is best suited as a midground or background aquarium plant depending on tank size. 

Info : 

Care : Easy 

Lighting : Low - high

Co2: Recommended 

Suggested Placement : Background

Growth Rate : Moderate - Fast 

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