Aquatic Plant ~ Rotala Rotundifolia sp Orange Juice

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** Robust stem plant
** Forms dense groups
** Wonderful orange colours

Rotala rotundifolia 'Orange Juice' is a selection from Massimo Iannella a passionate plant enthusiast from Italy. The Orange Juice Rotala is like Rotala rotundifolia a time-tested popular stem plant wonderfully suitable for aquascaping. Its emerged form has roundish leaves, in the aquarium they grow to a longer, narrow form. Compared with other Rotala species it is relatively undemanding. This highly variable species is widely distributed in the Asian subtropics and tropics; standard variants available in trade are light green to reddish under water, depending on the light intensity. The leaves of the Orange Juice Rotala have stunning orange in the emerged and submerged form.

Origin: Southeast Asia
Height: 10cm - 30cm
Care: Easy
Light: High
Co2: Medium
Growth Rate: Fast

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