Rotala Ceylon - potted 粉红小圆叶 - 盆装

Rotala Rotundifolia sp. "Ceylon" is a fast growing, hardy, and easy to grow stem plant. It is light green in color, however, under strong light it can develope a pinkish color. When compare to Rotala Green, this plant has thiner leaves and stems and gives an overall "lighter" weight impression.
In aquascaping, this is a great "neutral" plant to use in the background and accentuates and compliments well with focal or red plants. No matter how many times you trim it
this plant will almost always grow back nice and full. Once planted, it will almost never need to be replanted, a good characteristic for use in a planted tank that is meant to be kept for long term.

  • Lighting requirement: medium to high
  • Growth rate: fast
  • Difficulty: easy



  科  别: 千屈菜科 Lythraceae

  分  布: 斯里兰卡(锡兰)

  照  度: 中等

  水  温: 26~28℃

  p H 值: 6.5~6.8

  难 易 度: 较易

  粉红小圆叶旧称锡兰小圆叶(Rotala Rotundifolia sp. ''ceylon'')。现在被称为粉红小圆叶,原因是它的叶片多呈粉红色。粉红小圆叶的水上草和小圆叶的水上草差不多,并没有太大的差异,也是叶对生,叶片是圆形,叶质硬挺。但是转成水中叶之后,就会产生不同的水中叶形态。粉红小圆叶的水中叶也和小圆叶差不多,呈现狭卵形,锐头,但是叶片非常大。粉红小圆叶的栽培比较容易,它对ph值的适应范围比较广,但是ph值突然变化也会没办法适应,出现停止生长甚至老叶腐烂等症状。粉红小圆叶喜欢比较充足的阳光,但是如果输入足够的养分和二氧化碳的话,生长速度就会变快,也会长的非常漂亮,一旦光照不足,下半部叶片就会发生落叶现象,所以这点是需要注意的。

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