Rocket Pencilfish 骑士铅笔鱼

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Rocket Pencilfish 騎士鉛筆魚
Nannostomus Eques 

 This  interesting little fish is now frequently seen under the common name of  Rocket Pencilfish, and sometimes Hockeystick Pencilfish.

 A quiet, sedate fish well suited to a heavily-planted aquarium of  gentle fishes; when housed with active fish, this species may be too  frightened to eat. Floating plants will increase the fish's sense of  security and also decrease the light which is very beneficial. It spends  the day among plants and branches, searching for food; the mouth is  forward (terminal) and always open, and designed such that the fish can  easily pick up minuscule prey from plants and branches. This species  swims in a head-up position, and remains in the upper half of the  aquariumamong plants and branches.

 Origin and Habitat:
Rio Negro, Brazilian Amazon basin; Western Columbia; Guyana.

 Peaceful shoaling fish, must be kept in a group of at least six but  preferably more. Males will challenge each other, but without damage.  Should not be kept with lively nor aggressive fish. 

 Size :
Grows to 2 inches. 

 Diet :
Accepts prepared foods from the surface that are small enough to fit the mouth.

 Water parameters :
pH : 6.0 - 6.8
temperature : 23 - 28°c 

 騎士鉛筆魚 Nannostomus eques
體長:5 cm
 和一線鉛筆(N.  unifasciatus)相同,騎士鉛筆最著名的特色就是頭朝上45度的獨特泳姿,而且在原生地多半是成群結隊活動,看起來格外逗趣。身上具有紅褐色點狀密合的深色粗紋,可以幫助尖嘴鉛筆融入周遭的環境當中形成保護色。本種在水族市場中並不少見,飼養時建議最少以6~10隻為單位,可以消彌緊張並幫助牠們及早適應環境。

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