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Redtail Blue Loach

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Redtail blue loach (Yasuhikotakia modesta) is a small-sized freshwater tropical fish of the Botiidae family. Not very often, but it can be encountered in fish fanciers tanks. The fish requires the same tank conditions as other botia species.

 Species are rather spread in the Southeast Asian Peninsula, especially in the Mekong River basin, as well as in The Chao Phraya River, The Bang Pakong River, The Mae Klong River. It is known that there are several populations of botia, which can mix during the spawning period, especially in the upper river area.

Blue botia range spreads to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia.

In the fish habitats, the substrate is soft and muddy; water parameters are the following – pH is about 7.0, temperature varies from 26 to 30 °C.

This fish is quite spread in its natural habitat. Fish prefers lotic waters, where during the day, the fish finds shelter in rocks, tree roots located under water. The fish feeds at night.

Lifespanup to 5 years
Tank size80 gallons and more
TemperamentPeaceful and active
Tank typeCommunity of fishes
Temperature26 to 30 °C