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Platinum Fire Head Tetra 白金红头剪刀

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The Platinum Firehead Tetra, a variation of Fire Head Tetra, is a very popular schooling community fish. Its red-orange nose and horizontally striped black and white tail make it a very distinctive aquarium fish. Platinum Rummy Nose Tetra is very distinctive due to its incredible, shimmering silver body scales.

While not a picky eater, the Platinum Fire Head Tetra will thrive and remain very colorful on a varied diet of meaty foods. High-quality flake food, pellets, and frozen or freeze-dried meaty foods will all be readily accepted. 

  • Science Name: Hemigrammus bleheri var. “Platinum”
  • Temperament: Peaceful
  • Max Size: 2-2.5″
  • pH: 5.6 – 7.4
  • Temperature: 23-27.5°C
  • Care Level: Easy
  • Life Expectancy: 5 Years
  • Minimum Tank Size Recommended: 10 Gallons
  • Groups: Recommended in groups 6+ / Thrives in groups 12+