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Aquarium Fish ~ Odessa Barb 钻石彩虹鲨 ~ Barb Fish

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The Odessa Barb is a fantastic freshwater fish to keep in your aquarium. They’re easy to care for, peaceful, and very pretty (especially the males).

Synonyms : Puntius padamya

Distribution : Myanmar

Maximum Size : 7cm (2.76")

Temperature : 15-25°C

Water Parameters : Soft and slightly acidic is best long-term. pH: <7.5, dH: up to 12 degrees.

Compatibility : Community with no long-finned fish

Lighting:  No special requirements

Sexual Dimorphism :  Mature males develop a spectacular neon red horizontal band along the flanks.

Feeding: Flake, granules, pellets, algae wafers and frozen foods