Mydilab Tensiongon 1000ml

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MyDilab Tensiongon is an all-in-one multipurpose water conditioner that is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquarium. Tensiongon eliminates substances that are harmful to fish and instantly "ages" water, while toxins and heavy metal will be neutralized. It is also enriched with plant extract that are able to form a layer of synthetic coats on fish in preventing essential electrolytes loss. Due to the presence of this protective coat, damaged fish tissues can be healed and regenerated, and their mucus membrane can be protected against infections, scrapes as well as cuts during transportation. Everything outside of their required environmental or behavioral needs can be stressful to fish. Stress greatly affects fish health and deteriorate slime coat, making them more susceptible to diseases thus reducing their life span.

Key Features:

  • Remove chlorine & chloramine
  • Neutralize ammonia & heavy metal
  • Reduce nitrite accumulation
  • Contain Vitamin B as anti-stress agent
  • Replace lost and damaged protective slime coat
  • 1000ml treats 20000L
  • Safe for freshwater and saltwater use

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