Malaya Shrimp 马来亚黑壳虾

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 Origin : Malaysia
 Family : Atyidae
 Scientific Name : Caridina sp Malaya  
 Care Level : Easy
 Maximum Size : 3"
 Temperament : Peaceful
 Diet: Omnivore
 pH : 6.8-7.8
 Color Forms: clear, gold, brown, red, blue, green and black

 Species Information

 The Malaya Shrimp is not surprisingly from the Southeast Asian country of Malaysia, where it is found inhabiting tropical streams, lakes and ponds. While it's introduction to the aquarium trade was only recently (late 2000's), the Malaya Shrimp has been spreading quickly throughout the hobby as it is easy to care for and breed.

 The wide variety of colors and patterns has made the Malaya Shrimp an instant success within the aquarium hobby trade, and will most likely lead to some very interesting selectively bred variants given time. This wide range of coloration's including: clear, gold, brown, red, blue, green and black have led to many miss-identifications of the species.

 Aquarium Care

 Malaya Shrimp are in general easy to keep when kept in aquariums with stable water conditions and warm tropical temperatures. They can peacefully co-exist with other dwarf shrimp species or with peaceful community fish. They should ideally be provided an aquarium environment that contains rocks, driftwood and/or plants to provide both a place for algae growth and shelter for the shrimp should they feel threatened.

 It is important to house them in an aquarium with a mature filtration system and high water quality, as they are accustomed to high quality water in their natural environment. This will also go a long way towards extending their relatively short lifespan of around 2 years. It is also important to not expose Malaya Shrimp or other invertebrate species to copper based medications as this can kill them. They should not be housed with aggressive fish species or with community species such as loaches and puffers as they eat small shrimps in the wild.

 Feeding & Nutrition

 Malaya Shrimp are not picky eaters, as they will readily accept a wide variety of meaty and vegetable based foods. Their diet should consist of a variety of vegetable and meaty foods including: algae, blanched vegetables (spinach, zucchini, etc.), algae wafers, fish food pellets/flake, shrimp pellets, blood worms, tubifex worms, etc.

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