Limnophila sp Vietnam - potted 越南趴地三角叶 - 盆装

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Limnophila sp Vietnam - potted 越南趴地三角叶 - 盆装 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

  • Creeping to bushy growth
  • Slender narrow leaves
  • Star-shaped shoot tips
  • Rarely found in trade

This delicate plant is a great discovery for aquascaping. Given that it is under intensive light it develops creeping well-ramifying 3 to 4 cm wide shoots, which makes it a great ground cover. Dense populations grow higher after some time, comparable to the much slower-growing Staurogyne repens.  The plant is of a light green colour; under strong light, the leaf midribs and stems are of a light reddish-brown.

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