Koi Fishfood ~ Sakura Premium Koi Fish Food Hight Growth Formula


SAKURA KOI HIGH GROWTH produced and developed in Japan, has been a perfect choice for feeding 'champion-class' Koi as it accelerates growth and brings out a firm body and perfect structure.  

SILKWARM : is rich with beneficial proteins and fats for Koi, which boosts Koi's remarkable firmnes and thick body. 

WHOLE FISH MEAL : High-grade fish meal contains proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates Fat or lipid from fish, particulary Omega-3, is considered to be a beneficial type of fat. This unsaturated fatty acids is composed of DHA/EPA, which can reduce level of unhealthy fat. 

KRILL MEAL : Imported krill from Norway is a superior protein source which can be effectively digested and absorbed by fish accelerate their growth and firmness, It provides tasty smell and contains naturals astraxanthin which acts as color enhancer, inhibiting yellowish skin. Morever, it also has a property as antioxidant that builds up immunity to fish illnesses.  

SHRIMP MEAL : Shrimp meal helps maintain strong bones and promote fish structure since it contains high calcium, vitamins B12 and Omega-3, the type of healthy fat found in deep sea fishes, In addition, it provides rich sources of calcium to support strong bones and healthy scales in fish. SQUID LIVER : provides high proteins to fasten wound healing. It also raises up fish with beutiful body structure and straight, uncurled tails. The food has a tasty smell that increase fish sappetite. 


 Crude Protein 42%min  

Crude Fat 4%min 

Crude Fiber 5%max 

Crude Moisture 10%max  

Crude ASH 12%max 

Crude Fat 4%min  

Crude Fiber  

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