Koi Fish Food ~ Sakura Premium Koi Fish Food Wheat Germ

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SAKURA KOI WHEAT GERM FORMULA is a koi fish food designed to suit all types of climates. Whether in cold weather or changing weather, it's easy to digest, allowing fish to absorb nutrients fully 

WHEAT GERM : is composed of high Vitamin E, Vitamin B complexes, Omega-6 and Ceramide.These nutrients can inhibit yellowish skin and promote whiteness of fish skin.In addition, the substance stimulates fish digestive system resulting in high growth and healthy conditions.  GARLIC : garlic helps promote a good appetite and increase protein, carbohydrate and lipid digestibility in the fish digestive system. 

WHEAT FLOUR & SOYBEAN : Is a plant protein source Contains amino acids that are essential for the growth of carp and have fiber that is beneficial to digestive systems. 

BREWER'S DRIED YEAST : Is very nutritions it contains amino acids and vitamins in good balace. It help improve immune functions brewer'yeast has mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) serves as a substrate for the beneficial gut flora. 

ANTIOXIDANT VITAMIN E/C : Antioxidants from vitamin E and vitamin C to strengthen the immune systems and project the skin of the fish. 

WHOLE FISH MEAL : high-grade fish meal contains proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. Fish meal produces healthy fat, In particular Omega-3, which is unsaturated fatty acid compossing of DHA/EPA with the ability to reduce the level of unhealthy fat.


Crude Protein 32%min  

Crude Fat 3%min  

Crude Fiber 5%min 

Crude Moisture 10%max 

Crude ASH 12%max  

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