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Koi Fish Food ~ Sakura Premium Koi Fish Food Colour Boosting

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'' Color Boosting Formula '' 

SAKURA KOI COLOUR BOOSTING FORMULA designed for enhancing layered colours on fish skin together with healthy skin. Moreover, it also promotes growth and good health of fish.  

ASTAXANTHIN & CHILI POWDER: are natural colour enhancers that contain carotenoid and beta-carotene which highly increase red and orange pigmentation without affecting the white colour on the skin. 

SPIRULINA:is a rich source of beta-carotene, essesntial amino acids, vitamins and minerals.These compounds help strengthen the immune systems and boost maximum pigmentation which contributes to bright colour and naturally healthy-looking skin. 

KRILL MEAL:is a superior protein source that is efficiently digested and absorbed by the fish to accelerate their growth. it has a tasty smell that is appetizing to fish and contains natural Astraxanthin which acts as colour enhancer.  

GARLIC:garlic helps promote a good appetite and increase protein, carbohydrate and llpld digestibility in the fish digestive systems. 

WHOLE FISH MEAL:high-grade fish meal contains proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. Fish meal produces healthy fat, in particular Omega-3, which is unsaturated fatty add composing of DHA/EPA with the ability to reduces the level of unhealthy fat. 

WHEAT GERM:is composed of high vitamin E, vitamin B complexes , Omega-6 and ceramide.These nutrients can inhibit, yellowish skin and promote whiteness of fish skin. in addition, the substance stimulateds fish digestive system resulting in high growth and healthy conditions. 


Crude Protein  40%min  

Crude Fat  5%min 

Crude Fiber  3%max 

Crude Moisture  10%max 

Crude ash  15%max