Juncus Repens Michx - wabikusa 赤焰灯芯草 - 陀草型

Hardiness: Easy

Light Needs: Medium

Plant Structure: Stem

Family: Juncaceae

Genus: Juncus

Region: North America

Location: United States, Cuba

Size: Stem width: 5-7cm (2-3 in)

Growth Rate: Fast

Can Be Grown Emersed: Yes

Although other members of the family Juncaceae are kept as pond plants, Juncus repens is the only species commonly kept in aquariums. It is unique and looks rather like a hybrid between a stem and rosette plant; a flat-sided stem is interrupted about every inch or so by several narrow and pointed leaves. J. repens is rather common across the southeastern United States, where it is found equally as often submersed as emersed. Although it is rarely sold commercially in its native country (it is elsewhere), it can be easily obtained through trading.

J. repens is not demanding and does well in a wide variety of conditions, from moderately illuminated aquariums to those with a great deal of light. Unobstructed light and plentiful micro nutrients bring a rich reddish brown coloration to the plant. In lower light, it will remain a pleasing green. Its moderate but steady growth rate makes it easy to deal with but somewhat vulnerable to green spot algae. To propagate, simply snip off a stem above a node and replant; the new plant does not need to have any roots.

Juncus repens is a versatile species that can be used in a wide variety of ways in an aquascape. It makes an excellent  plant and a great background for tanks of almost any size. Alternatively, it can be used as a mid ground accent plant, a hedge, or even for the fore ground if it is kept short.

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