JBL Nedol plus 250 100ml

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JBL Nedol Plus 250
Remedy against roundworms and Camallanus

  • For the treatment of hair worms, pinworms, Camallanus worms and other nematodes
  • Infected fish become emaciated despite good feeding. The fish occasionally excrete white faeces, because of a damaged intestinal wall, which is then excreted along with it.
  • Camallanus worms are often easy to recognize with the naked eye, because they hang out of the fish’s anus at times
  • JBL Online Hospital: gives you access to identify fish diseases
  • Contents: 1 packet Nedol Plus 250, 100 ml. Suitable for aquariums with max. 750 l. For repeated use for max. 250 l. Use: 10 ml/75 l aquarium water. Length of treatment depends on the type of worm. Can take up to 20 days
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