JBL Cristal Profi e1902 Canister Filter

RM 1,303.00

JBL CristalProfi e1902 greenline
External filter for aquariums from 200 - 800 litres

  • External filter for healthy aquarium water: closed water circulation system for aquariums with 200 – 800 litres (120 - 150 cm)
  • Fully equipped and ready to connect: built-in quick-start priming button, filter start without manual priming. Simple assembly
  • Extremely smooth running at 1900l/h pump performance. Patented pre-filter system, 100% more surface than in model 1901. High/biological filter perform. with a volume of 15l, water stop, 360° rotat. hose connections, easily exchangeable filter media
  • TÜV tested, safe and energy-efficient: tremendous energy savings
  • Package contents: external filter unit for aquariums, incl. hoses & pipes 19/27 mm, intake strainer, elbow, suction cups, filter media (bio-filter balls and bio-filter foam), dimensions (L/H/W): 20 x 23 x 55.5 cm