Hwa's Shrimp-Comprehensive Shrimp Food 60g

Hwa's Shrimp-Comprehensive Shrimp Food

Using the safest and healthiest materials on food grading. Exclusive homemade formula that includes all essential needs for both adult and juvenile shrimps. Food particles will gradually be released while shrimps are being fed. Facilitating all nutrients and needs for the growth of shrimps. Original and imported from Taiwan.

Containing :
✔️ Amino acids. 
✔️ All vitamins groups. 
✔️ Active enzymes
✔️ Dietary fiber nutrients for shrimps breeding
✔️ Lecithin
✔️ Protein

Why we like this product
✔️ 100% natural ingredients 🌿🌿
✔️ Promote proper growth of shrimps 
✔️ Low waste to maintain water quality 
✔️ Highly acceptability

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