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Gold Ring Butterfly 金线葫芦鼠

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Recommended Tank Parameters

  • pH level range: 6.5 to 7.5
  • Temperature range: 68 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Water type: kH 10-15
  • It's best to use sand or fine gravel as substrate in an aquarium with loaches and other types of bottom-dwellers. Other types of substrate may have sharp edges that can be abrasive to the fish as they swim along the bottom of the tank.
  • All hillstream loaches thrive best in schools of three fish or more.
  • It is also important to provide plenty of hiding and resting places for these fish, which can be provided by driftwood and sturdy plants.
  • Hillstream loaches require especially clean water, so we recommend weekly water changes of about 30%.

Comes from the rapid-moving streams of Asia, and their streamlined bodies are built to withstand those strong currents. Thus, these fish prefer a fast-moving, oxygen-rich environment like the streams they came from, and these conditions can be replicated in your aquarium by installing powerheads. They also prefer to live in tanks with live aquatic plants for cover (such as java moss, anubias barteri, green cabomba, etc.). Otherwise, hillstream loaches are relatively easy to care for as long as water parameters remain stable.  

These are freshwater fish and are suitable for community tanks because of their peaceful nature - they are totally safe to keep with other non-aggressive fish, snails, shrimp, and live plants. We sell these fish in schools of 3 or more because they are known to do best in groups of 3 or more.  

They should be kept in water with a neutral to slightly alkaline pH level. These fish make an ideal tank mate for other types of hillstream loaches and goldfish, since all of these fish require colder water temperatures.