Fish Food~Ultra Fresh - Turtle Nutri Stick~Makanan Kura-Kura

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Wild Sword Prawn, Calcium & Vitamin D Enriched Aquatic Turtle Food with Probiotics for Picky Turtles

Made from All Natural Ingredients

  • High Palatability : Sword Prawn Flavor - A blend of wild sword prawns, akiami paste shrimp, vegetables and seaweed. A perfect 4:6 meat/vegetable protein ratio
  • Premium Quality Healthy Growth Formula : Rich in calcium and vitamin D to keep turtles in good shape. Calcium to Phosphorus Ratio at 3:1. Not only tasty but also keeps turtles healthy! Jam-packed with a variety of vitamins (A, C, D3, E, B1, B2, B6, B12) great for bone or shell growth, keeping color vibrance and boost immunity
  • Superior Quality Ingredient : All natural protein from fresh meat, vegetables and seaweed. No Additives, no artificial flavors or coloring, no byproducts and other harmful ingredients
  • Easy to Intake & Digest : 10 hours of low temperature processing and enhanced with probiotics, preserving the natural flavors and rich nutritional values. Designed to be rapidly softened, but doesn't disintegrate and cloud the water. Easy intake for baby aquatic turtles helps with easy digestion and complete absorption of nutrients
  • Easy Tank Clean Up : Nutri Sticks stay intact for 24 hours which result in clear aquarium water. Probiotics in the food help break it down by 'eating' itself as it minimizes waste excretion for turtles
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