Filter Media ~ 3D Bacterial Ball - Biological Filter Media - Bacterial Housing ~ Bahan Penapisan Akuarium

  • Made from an ultra high surface area inert ceramic. 
  • Specifically designed  to house beneficial bacteria that will eliminate ammonia and nitrite in aquariums and ponds.
  • Combination of vast surface area and interconnected pores allows a thin bio-film to develop.
  • Create ideal colonization conditions for billions of beneficial bacteria.
  • Due to high concentration of beneficial bacteria ,Peak ammonia and nitrite levels are more easily reduced


    · Extremely vast surface area, Innovative Three-Dimensional open flow porosity
    · Peak ammonia ,nitrite levels are more easily reduced
    · Stable water values, Steadier water flow
    · Able to support higher fish loads
    · Greatly reduce tank maintenance ,Washable and reusable
    · Suitable for fresh and marine water aquariums as well as in ponds

    · Used in canister filters
    · Used in sumps
    · Used in tank
    · Used in trickle or shower filters
    · Used in waterfall filters
    · Used in hang on back filters
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