Eleocharis Acicularis (potted) 牛毛毯 (盆装 )

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Eleocharis Acicularis (potted) 牛毛毯 (盆装 ) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Eleocharis Acicularis (also known as Dwarf Hairgrass) is an easy carpeting plant. Given the right amount of light and CO2 this plant will carpet within weeks by shooting our runners. It is also suitable for lower tech set-ups, however growth will be slower. When planting, plant in small clumps into your substrate. The blades can reach up to 15cm in length. Once dense/overgrown you can trim down to 2-3cm to encourage new growth. It also looks effective when planted between rocks or amonst other foreground plants such as Hemianthus Callitrichoides or Sagittaria.


Temp Range : 22-28

Lighting : Medium

Tank Location : Foreground

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