Easy Life - Nitro - Nitrate NO3 Fertilizer - Product of Netherlands

  • Nitrate plant fertilizer
  • For use in fresh water aquariums
  • Prevents nitrogen deficiencies in plants
  • Phosphate-free
  • Increases the potassium concentration

Nitro from Easy-Life is a phosphate-free liquid nitrate fertilizer for water plants and is used in freshwater aquariums. Macronutrients such as nitrate are sometimes not sufficient in a strongly lit and well planted aquarium or a tank with few fish. The consequences are a lack of plant growth, small leaves and an increasing yellow coloration. Nitro prevents those nitrogen deficiency symptoms and enables a targeted addition of this indispensable macronutrient.


Easy-Life Nitro is dosed directly into the aquarium. The addition of 10 ml per 500 l water increases the nitrate concentration in the tank by 2.10 mg/l and the potassium concentration by 1.3 mg/l.


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