Easy Life - Kalium Potassium Fertilizer - Product of Netherlands

RM 35.00

  • Potassium plant fertilizer
  • For freshwater aquariums
  • Prevents potassium deficiencies in plants
  • Targeted dosing

Kalium-Potassium from Easy-Life is a liquid potassium fertilizer especially for freshwater aquariums. Well planted and strongly illuminated aquariums are often short of macronutrients such as potassium. Soft water encourages this condition. The consequences are leaves with holes, dying leaf tissue (necroses), yellow leaves and reduced growth. Kalium-potassium prevents deficiency symptoms. Moreover, Easy-Life Potassium makes a targeted addition of the indispensable macronutrient effortless.

Usage : 

10 ml per 100 l increases the potassium concentration by 4 ppm (mg/l). In most cases, an addition of 10 ml per 100 l per week is sufficient.


Best is to use potassium together with iron, to exclude defieciencys and to be sure both elements are present.

In case of heavy planted aquariums or in areas with soft water: Use weekly Potassium. Normal dosage is 10 ml per 100 liters and raises the concentration of potassium with 4 mg/l.