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CO2 Silicone Hose (Tube)

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CO2 Silicon Hose (tube)

CO2 hose should not only be tight but also as unobtrusive as possible. Therefore we offers an ideal solution: its milky-transparent silicone CO2 hose.

Important information on CO2 hose
There are two different types of CO2 hose:
• pressure hose, CO2-tight, somewhat stiff, high pressure resistance
• silicone hose, CO2 tight, very soft and flexible, very low pressure resistance

In general we recommend using CO2 pressure hose for all connections up to the check valve. The use of pressure hose is absolutely necessary if you have a solenoid valve in your CO2 line. The connection between the CO2 pressure reducer to the CO2 solenoid valve should always be made with CO2 pressure hose. When the solenoid valve is closed, the hose is subject to a very high pressure.

The CO2 silicone hose is very soft and flexible, and it is great for all connections between the check valve and the CO2 diffusor or other devices that inject CO2 into the aquarium. The silicone hose can easily be guided over the aquarium edge, and you can attach it very easily even to breakable glass diffusors. Since the CO2 silicone hose is really soft and flexible it glides effortlessly over the fine glass connective stub and keep contact safely.
PRO TIPAdding a little "spit" or some water helps greatly when connecting the CO2 silicone hose to glassware.

 CO2 silicone hose
• soft and highly flexible
• milky-transparent
• diameter 4/6 mm
• available at a length of 1.5m, 3m and 5m