Bulgaria Green Angel 海鸥神仙

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What We Like About This Fish:

  • Incredible blue-green coloration
  • Very elegant appearance and behavior
  • Ideal for planted aquariums
  • Possible to breed in the aquarium
  • Excellent centerpiece fish for the heavily planted aquarium


  • Temperature:  24° - 30° C
  • pH:  6.0 - 7.4
  • KH:  0 – 15 KH
  • Minimum tank size:  40 gallons for a pair, but a larger tank is required for a group. The tall body shape of this fish must be considered regarding the height of its tank.



  • Diet:  Omnivorous. A variety of high-quality dry, frozen, and live foods is necessary for optimal health and coloration.
  • Social behavior:  Shoaling. Generally peaceful, but can be territorial during spawning.
  • Origin:  Tank-bred, but indigenous to Northern South America
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