Brightwell Micro Bacter Quick Cycl ~ For cycling and establishing strong nitrifying bacteria

Professional nutrients for fishless cycling and establishing strong nitrifying bacteria beds in freshwater and marine aquariums

This product alone will not cycle an aquarium, it simply provides the nutrients. You must use a good quality bacterial culture to establish the bacteria bed in the aquarium. We highly recommend Brightwell MicrōBacter Start XLM or MicrōBacter Start XLF as appropriate for your aquarium. This product may also be used with MicrōBacterCLEAN to cycle a marine aquarium, but the cycle may not be as fast as using the MicrōBacter Start.

This product requires simultaneous use with a LIVE BACTERIAL CULTURE: Bacteria products for aquarium use vary widely in characteristics, strength and overall design. The results you get will be quite different if you use an inferior bacteria culture or one that is out of date or has been stored incorrectly and at harmful temperatures. Nitrifying bacteria is damaged by heat and outright killed by freezing, so care must be taken to preserve its efficacy. If the bacterial product you use is dead, then this whole process will not work! Brightwell highly recommends that you use either MicrōBacter Start XLM, or MicrōBacter Start XLF depending on whether you are starting a marine aquarium or a freshwater aquarium. For freshwater, a more economical choice can be made to use either FlorinBacter One, FlorinBacter or FlorinBacter7.

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