Brightwell ~ FlorinHumic

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Improves nutrient uptake by plants, and encourages fish spawning, in ponds and water gardens


• Enhances the effectiveness of plant nutrient solutions and fertilizers added  to ponds by providing natural, beneficial humic substances.

• Encourages fish spawning by simulating the arrival of the rainy season.

FlorinHumic will slightly lower the pH in the water, and will discolor it (giving it a transparent black tea-like coloration) in direct correlation with the dosage used and the method(s) of chemical filtration employed. FlorinHumic will also soften water as a result of the natural chelating action of humic substances. These are all important environmental and/or chemical cues utilized by fishes for the onset of spawning.

FlorinHumic benefits plants by improving the availability of nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and many other micronutrients, which may improve water conditions in the pond or water garden through increased plant uptake of nitrogen and phosphorus.

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