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Trace & Minor Elements for African Cichlids & Fishes of Lakes Victoria, Malawi, & Tanganyika


  • Unique complex that provides trace and minor elements in ratios found to be beneficial to cichlids and other fishes endemic to Lakes Victoria, Malawi, and Tanganyika. 
  • Provides minor and trace elements utilized in importantneurological and metabolic reactions, and which are incorporated into natural biopigments for coloration.
  • Replaces minor and trace elements used by aquarium inhabitants, and which are lost through chemical filtration (use of filtration media such as resins and activated carbon).
  • Composed of purified water and ultra-high purity materials.
  • Does not significantly increase GH or KH.
  • Formulated utilizing extensive research on the chemistry of Lakes Victoria, Malawi, andTanganyika, and cichlid trace and minor element requirements.
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