Black Molly

RM 2.50

One of the most common freshwater fish in the aquarium hobby today, and quite often the most unusual, is the Black Molly. 

While the majority of Black Molly fish are completely black, they can sometimes be found with a streak of yellow which runs down the dorsal fin, or a slightly silvery color on the flanks.

Black Mollies are relatively small in size, with the males growing to a maximum of 3 inches, and the females often growing a couple of inches larger.

Their lifespan will completely depend on how well they are cared for, but in the perfect scenario, Black Molly fish can live up to 5 years in captivity.

are Level:Easy
Temperament:Peaceful fish
Lifespan:Up to 5 years
Size:Up to 4.5 inches
Diet:Omnivorous fish
Minimum Tank Size:10 gallons
Temperature:70 to 79°F (21 to 26°C)
WaterConditions:pH 7.0 to 8.520.0 to 35.0 dGH
Tank Mate CompatibilityPeaceful community aquarium