Biozym Spirulina Tabs 110g

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Feature : 

  • Suitable for a variety of ornamental fish such as alien, rodent, shrimp, crab, cichlid, small tropical fish, sea fish.
  •  Designed for algae-eating fish. 
  • Spirulina is a very easy source of protein to be digested. It also contains a lot of vitamins and trace elements to ensure the vitality and vigorous growth of fish. 
  • Natural carotenoids can brighten the color of fish, and mix with a variety of insect powder, fish protein, cereals, vegetables, yeast, algae and other ingredients to form a reasonable formula, balanced nutrition, very suitable for the main food of fish. 

 Feeding method : 

It can be feed several times a day, each time a small amount, and it is appropriate to eat in a few minutes. Main raw materials : fish protein, spirulina powder, cereals, vegetables, yeast, algae. 

Composition analysis : crude protein ≥ 35% crude fat ≥ 2% crude fiber ≤ 6% coarse ash ≤ 10% moisture ≤ 10% Packages: 110g

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