Aquarium Wool ~ Japan Biological Mat ~ Rattan Sponge ~50cm*50cm*4cmT

RM 30.00
Aquarium Wool ~ Japan Biological Mat ~ Rattan Sponge ~50cm*50cm*4cmT Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

*Biological filter mat  helpful for developing nitrobacteria, with thick filaments and hard texture, so its good as middle-laying filter material. 

*Healthy aquaculture needs clean water! Therefore both mechanical and biological filtration is needed to obtain a natural balance in the pond or tank. 

*This filter medium gives a large specific surface area for the bacteria to attach to and simultaneously allows sufficient flow of water through the filter without clogging.

*Suitable for both salt and freshwater fishes.


*Good water resistance, light resistance, excellent water and air permeability, flame resistance

*Washable, recyclable many times


Specification Filter mats:

*Filter medium made of curled fibres monofilament

*Water resistance binder.

Product Size: 

50cm x 50cm x 4cmT (L*W*T) 

Quantity : Rm 30/unit 


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