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REAL Anubias Barteri Nana Petite迷你小榕

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Anubias sp. ‘Petite’ is a mutation which appeared in cultivation at the Oriental aquarium plant nursery in Singapore. Grows very slowly, and can be difficult to keep in healthy growth. Stays less than 5 cm tall and with a rhizome from 5-10 cm or more. It is most decorative when attached to stones or roots, and like other Anubias should be attached with fishing line until it gains a hold. A specialty plant which is ideal for miniature landscapes in small aquariums. 

Origin: Cultivar

Growth rate: Slow

Height: 3 - 5+

Light demand: Low

CO2: Low

这种袖珍型水草可能是小榕(Anubias nana)矮化固定的品种,除了植物体的体型较小之外,它的外观与小榕几乎一模一样,但长像比小榕可爱许多,更受到一般草友的青睐。通常可以将它捆绑在流木上让它生长,从而创作出特殊的造景风格,常可成为吸引人目光的焦点。栽培容易,在没有输入二氧化碳的鱼缸中也能种活,对各种不同水质的适应性佳,以及对养分的需求也不高,颇适合水草新鲜人作为入门的水草。生长十分缓慢,即使在理想的条件下栽培,生长速度也没有一般水草快,所以可以省去修剪的麻烦,不过叶片容易滋生斑藻,要特别注意。




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