Anubias Afzelii 狭叶钢榕

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Anubias afzelii originates from West Africa. It is a great  aquarium plant because it is so strong and easy to grow. The upright and  fairly long green leaves give it a graceful appearance and it makes a  good addition to any aquarium, including planted discus and cichlid  set-ups. 

Common Names: Anubias Afzelii
Latin Name: Anubias afzelii
Family Name: Araceae
Plant Form: Rhizome
Placement: Mid/Background
Max Size: Height 20-30 cm  Planting: Do not bury rhizome in substrate. Best tied to hardscape or anchor the fine roots under a rock
Flowers: Yes
Propagation: Rhizome division
Growth Rate: Slow
Originates From: West Africa
True Aquatic: Amphibious
pH: 6-8
Supplements: Balanced water column fertilizers, with a demand for Iron, Trace and Potassium
Recommended Tank Size: Any
Care Level: Easy
Good for Beginners: Yes


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