Ammannia Gracilis-Potted 红柳-盆装

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Ammana gracilis is a graceful stem plant that can add a splash of color to your planted aquarium. When treated with the proper light and nutrients, Ammania gracilis displays wavy leaves that can be blush red to pale green, depending on light and nutrients available. They make beautiful midground or background accents, especially when contrasted with green foliage. These plants need lots of light, and when given enough will grow tall quickly. Ammania gracilis can be planted into the substrate and grown emersed or submersed. The emersed plant is hardier and easier to care for, and can blossom small, purple flowers from the top leaves of the plant. 

  • Height: 10cm - 15cm 
  • pH: 5-7.5, adaptable
  • Care: Medium to Difficult
  • Light: High
  • Co2: Recommended 
  • Propagation: Cut new growth from main stem, plant into substrate
  • Growth rate: Fast
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