3D Pro Shrimp Net

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3D Pro Shrimp Net

This handmade shrimp/nano fish nets are crafted meticulously in Taiwan and are the perfect solution for netting and moving small specimens without removing them from the water. The water reservoir for this net will hold several shrimp, fish, or other small species. These nets are very durable and we use them daily at our facility. The net head is made of a vinyl-like plastic material with plastic mesh net material for the non-reservoir section. The handle is rigid plastic.

3D Pro Shrimp net has an ample reservoir for transporting small aquatic animals without ever removing them from the water!

Stress is detrimental to all organisms. In the case of shrimp and many other aquarium animals (such as microrasboras), it can be deadly. Many nano aquarium animals are somewhat more fragile than larger species, so it is wise and necessary to take any precautions possible to reduce or eliminate any stress factors in their husbandry.

Product Measurements:

Net Diameter (Round) : 4.5cm
Net Head Reservoir:  4cm deep reservoir
Handle:  30 cm

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