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Easy Life - EasyCarbo - Co2 From A Bottle - Product of Netherlands

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  • Powerful and effective
  • Provides growth spurt
  • Simple application

EasyCarbo is a liquid carbon fertiliser, simple and effective, plant growth without end in algae-free aquariums.

EasyCarbo is a very powerful and efficient carbon source for aquarium plants, carbon is of fundamental importance for plants. The fertiliser can be used for aquariums with or without additional carbon dioxide fertilisation. A strong surge in growth is noticeable after just a few weeks. EasyCarbo increases the competitiveness of plants against algae and at the same time helps to reduce them. The product is ideal for combination with the plant nutrient ProFito.

Plants assimilate and grow much better because of the carbon from EasyCarbo. Swamp plants such as Cryptocoryne sp. and Echinodorus sp. react positively because EasyCarbo is absorbed very easily. They grow much more vigorously and look more beautiful and full.

The stronger growth of the underwater and swamp plants causes the reduction of algae. Brush algae, beard algae and others really don't stand a chance anymore.

The use of ProFito full fertiliser and EasyCarbo carbon fertiliser is the right combination!

Plants need more than just carbon, trace elements are also indispensable. Trace elements can never be measured exactly and since we do not know which trace elements are present in the water, ProFito is the ideal solution to fully enrich water with trace elements.