Black Axolotl

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Quick Facts about Black Axolotl

Care Level: Intermedia

Lifespan: 15 years

Adult Size: 11-12 inches 

Diet: Carnivore 

Temperature: 18-25℃

A black axolotl can make an excellent tank addition to the right home. Of course, they don’t work well alongside other mates of different species, but they can live together peacefully in certain circumstances.

Black axolotls prefer to be alone, so there is no need to buy multiple. They are perfectly content with their own company.

Some axolotls can get aggressive towards tankmates, so supervision is necessary if you choose to house them together. Also, always make sure they are roughly the same size to avoid bullying or eating.

Even though axolotls are incredibly interesting-looking creatures, they are challenging to care for if you aren’t familiar with their unique needs. If you think you have what it takes without the experience, make sure you brush up on any necessary care facts.

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