Koi Fish Food ~ Sakura Premium Koi Fish Food Growth & Perfect White

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SAKURA KOI GROWTH & PERFECT WHITE FORMULA is designed to promote superior growth and efficiently improve fish skin whtening to perfection. The product is suitable for fish owners who wish their fish to have a white and bright skin, firm structure and healthy condition.  

WHEAT GERM : is composed of high Vitamin E, Vitamin B complexes, Omega-6 and Ceramide.These  nutrients can inhibit yellowish skin and promote whiteness of fish skin. In addition, the substance stimulates fish digestive system resulting in high growth and healthy conditions. 

GARLIC : garlic helps promote a good appetite and increase protein, carbohydrate and lipid digestibility in the fish digestive system. 

HEAT RESISTANT VITAMIN C ANTIOXIDANT PLUS PROBIOTIC : Vitamin C helps improve immune system and reduce stress in fish. Probiotic will promote food digestibility and absorption. This will optimize fish health and bring down stress, creating healthy-looking skin from the inside. 

SQUID LIVER MEAL : squid liver provides high proteins with DHA, EPA and essential amino acids. It enhances good form of fish as well as straight or un-curved tails.It provides tasty smell resulting in better appetite for your fish. 

CUTTLEFISH MEAL : cuttlefish is a high quality protein source. It is rich with Omega-3, vitamin E and collagen from cuttlefish which plays important roles in fish skin recovery and increases skin flexibility.  

WHOLE FISH MEAL : high-grade fish meal contains proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrate, Fish meal produces healthy fat, in particulars  Omega-3, which is unsaturated fatty acid compossing of DHA / EPA with the ability to reduce the level of unhealthy fat. 

WHITE SESAME SEED : white sesame is high in calcium and antioxidant. The antioxidant from white sesame enhances shinny and healthy-looking skin in fish.  


Crude Protein 38%min  

Crude Fat 5%min  

Crude Fiber 3%max 

Crude Moisture 10%max 

Crude ASH 12%max

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